Enterprises Corp Shares Best Training and Hiring Strategies

Enterprises Corp's leaders use a variety of strategies to ensure their associates receive cutting-edge coaching in a way that appeals to individual learning styles. The firm's director also shared tips for making great hires.

Enrique, Enterprises Corp’s director of operations, is not interested in running a good marketing company. “If your goal is anything less than greatness in today’s business climate, I think you’re in a lot of trouble,” he explained. “Trying to coast is a sure way to fail. Instead, what I and the other leaders here shoot for is excellence in all areas of our operation.”

To achieve this lofty ambition, Enrique believes in setting goals for every area of the business. “Sales, revenue, and costs are givens, but what about things like promotions and expansion? I think it’s important for every division of the firm to have clearly-defined goals to work toward and metrics that let them know when they’ve been achieved. I believe it’s the only way to move the business and everyone in it forward.”

One area that Enrique puts special focus on is training. “We’re well known for our one-to-one training techniques, which pair a new marketer with an experienced professional. This provides the less experienced person with access to practical experience while fueling the seasoned veteran’s enthusiasm. This, however, is simply the tip of the iceberg.”

Enrique employs a variety of training strategies, knowing that people have different learning styles. One tried-and-true method is classroom training, led by an instructor. “This is probably the most efficient and cost-effective way to present information to larger groups, but depending on the group size it might not be interactive enough to hold some people’s attention.”

To address that need for interface, Enrique uses a few small-group strategies. Discussions might center on case studies or Q&A sessions, and for the more outgoing role-playing scenarios might be best. “We can even take a hands-on style for kinesthetic learners. The point is, no one way is going to be perfect for everyone, and because I want a diverse workforce we need a variety of training approaches,” Enrique said.

Hiring for Cultural Fit with Enterprises Corp’s Director

“We invest a lot of time and effort into training our people, so it only makes sense that we hire carefully,” Enrique explained. “In all honesty, a bad hire is worse than being short-staffed. It’s amazing how quickly a negative person can infect a company’s culture, and how long it takes to fix the impact.”

For this reason, the hiring process at Enterprises Corp is a bit more involved than in some other firms. “I want to know more about a person than just his or her skill set. If I’m going to spend 40 or more hours a week with these colleagues, I want to know what they’re like first. What are their hobbies and interests? Do they have a sense of humor? Do they like people? I’m not opposed to doing a lunch interview, to see how they act in public and treat the wait staff.”

About Enterprises Corp

Enterprises Corp is the premier consulting and marketing services provider for the telecommunications industry. By applying in-depth market analysis and demographic research, their team of branding specialists infuses each interactive promotional campaign with a customized feel that is precisely targeted. This approach leads to meaningful connections between companies and their ideal customers to drive rapid market saturation. By forming these connections, Enterprises Corp has built a reputation as an industry leader while providing a high return on investment for a diverse portfolio of clients. Whether working with a small local startup or an international corporation, Enterprises Corp delivers consistent boosts to bottom lines and brand awareness.

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