Enterprises Corp Sets Goals for Leadership Development

The managers at Enterprises Corp have set goals to further enhance the leadership skills of all team members. The firm's director of operations also addressed plans for recruiting more talent.

“We’ve surpassed all our goals so far this year,” said Enrique, the director of operations at Enterprises Corp. “Now we’re shifting our focus to sharpening our team members’ leadership skills. My colleagues and I are confident that such efforts will help us continue to exceed expectations.”

Company management is well-versed in all the skills that comprise outstanding leaders. “We hire the brightest minds in the field,” Enrique stated. “We look for people who are great thinkers and who are willing to learn. They also embrace teamwork and express keen empathy. The expectation is that everyone who joins us will develop the ability to lead the firm.”

According to Enrique, shaping leaders is not easy to do in a classroom setting. While theoretical knowledge is helpful, leadership growth requires hands-on learning. That’s why trainees are paired with the most experienced managers, who work with them throughout the process of designing, building, and launching campaigns. There’s collaboration, and even some risk taking.

“We also present our people with opportunities to attend conferences and other networking events,” indicated Enrique. “These functions allow our people to see accomplished leaders in action. They get to witness the possibilities in store for them if they work hard. It’s great motivation.”

Enterprises Corp Management Recruits Up-and-Coming Leaders

“Again, I’m highly particular about who we onboard,” Enrique continued. “I need to be sure that applicants have the potential to grow into successful business leaders. As such, Enterprises Corp’s hiring process is a bit intense.”

Criteria for hiring includes a range of soft skills, including confidence and humility. Active listening and overall clear communication is vital as well. It is perhaps most important, however, for interviewees to demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

“We rely on ambitious leaders to propel Enterprises Corp far into the future,” Enrique concluded. “Our current leaders have proven that they have the passion and drive to achieve lofty goals. We all work together to help one another reach individual milestones, and as a result we meet our objectives for the company. Everyone benefits. Anyone who is interested in joining us or who would like to learn more can visit our website or contact us directly. We’re more than happy to explain all we have to offer.”

About Enterprises Corp

Enterprises Corp is the premier consulting and marketing services provider for the telecommunications industry. By applying in-depth market analysis and demographic research, their team of branding specialists infuses each interactive promotional campaign with a customized feel that is precisely targeted. This approach leads to meaningful connections between companies and their ideal customers to drive rapid market saturation. By forming these connections, Enterprises Corp has built a reputation as an industry leader while providing a high return on investment for a diverse portfolio of clients. Whether working with a small local startup or an international corporation, Enterprises Corp delivers consistent boosts to bottom lines and brand awareness.

Source: Enterprises Corp