Enterprises Corp Maintains a Dynamic Team Culture

Management at Enterprises Corp works hard to nourish an energetic and empowering company culture. The firm's director of operations discussed his focus on team building, particularly during the hiring process.

“At Enterprises Corp, our culture is founded on teamwork,” said Enrique, the company’s director of operations. “We never lose sight of the need for collaboration, or the impact it makes on our success. I’m proud to lead a driven and passionate group of people who know how to transform fledgling brands into nationally known names.”

According to Enrique, building a team-based culture begins with values. “In our business’ earliest days, my colleagues and I identified the values we wanted to define our company and guide us to unparalleled success,” he stated. “We make sure every new member of our team is committed to those same values. During the interview phase of hiring, for instance, we screen candidates for leadership potential and qualities such as strong work ethic and effective communication.”

Assimilating new hires into Enterprises Corp’s team culture continues throughout the initial training period. Individuals are paired with experienced marketers, who work with them on a one-to-one basis to ensure successful completion of the training program. When team members learn about all the opportunities for growth and advancement offered at the firm, they are more engaged and motivated to work together toward their goals.

Director of Enterprises Corp Explains How Social Events Reinforce Team Bonding

“We work well together at Enterprises Corp, but it’s not all we do,” Enrique continued. “I know how important it is to take breaks, relax, and have fun. Why not do it together? Spending time as a group outside the office enhances performance and productivity in it. Of course, we have a blast attending athletic events, having dinner, going bowling, and more.”

Enrique indicated team social events allow his people to bond on a deeper level. They can shed their professional roles and connect as friends. Such cohesion also inspires more creative thinking, and easier sharing of responsibilities. In other words, the more they get to know each other, the more familiar they are with individual strengths and weaknesses. As such, they can balance their talents with their work to ensure the best possible results overall.

“I’d also like to point out that a lot of our team building efforts are aimed at community giveback,” Enrique concluded. “We help raise funds and do hands-on work for nonprofits in the region. In addition to helping others, we learn a lot and meet some great people. It’s a win-win for all involved.”

Source: Enterprises Corp