Enterprises Corp Leaders Focus on Hiring, Team Culture

At Enterprises Corp, executives are focusing on hiring and team culture to meet rapidly expanding business demands.

“We’re committed to creating an environment at Enterprises Corp that will be fulfilling and supportive for our new and existing team members,” said Enrique, director of operations at the company. “At the same time, we need candidates for our positions that meet the highest standards of team building, enthusiasm, and commitment.”

Executives at Enterprises Corp believe highly engaged, positive team members are fundamental to the company’s success. An important element of their culture is to constantly improve their corporate environment through training and building relationships at professional and social levels.

“A positive professional outlook often leads to creativity and success on the job,” said Enrique. “We are always looking for ways to make sure our team members stay engaged, and we’re willing to take whatever steps necessary to make sure we’re as encouraging and positive as we can be.”

For example, Enterprises Corp offers salaries and benefits that are competitive with other firms. The company also encourages its new and more experienced team members to network with co-workers both in and out of the company as a way to increase knowledge about the industry and advance their careers.

Most importantly, executives at Enterprises Corp work constantly to create or update clearly stated goals each individual can understand and pursue. The company has developed an internal communications policy to convey its goals to everyone. “It gives each of us a shared responsibility,” said Enrique. “Our goals are a guidepost to make sure everyone is working together and moving in the same direction.”

Enterprises Corp’s Director Talks about Hiring Qualifications

Enterprises Corp’s work values center on reliability, a positive outlook, compatibility, and strength of character according to Enrique. These are the same values the leadership expects when hiring new members for their team. “Work experience is important,” says Enrique. “We want to know whether our work values contributed to a potential team member’s success with former employers.”

However, previous experience isn’t essential when applying for a position at Enterprises Corp. “We can train new people who are entering the work force for the first time,” said Enrique. “Work experience can be developed, but work values cannot.”

On paper, Enrique acknowledges, the candidates they hire may not appear to be the best qualified, particularly if he or she has no previous job experience. “We may take a risk in hiring someone with little or no prior experience; but we believe we can spot potential, particularly if a candidate’s personality and ethics match our philosophy,” he said. “More times than not, we make a good choice.”

How does Enterprises Corp make sure its new hires relate to its corporate culture? “Our interview process is probing and thorough,” said Enrique. “We challenge our candidates by asking them to describe how they would respond to various workplace situations. For example, whether a candidate is willing to work beyond normal business hours to help a team member who is struggling to meet a deadline tells us a lot about collaboration and working together to meet a goal.”

Source: Enterprises Corp