Enterprises Corp Announces Local College Intern Program

Enterprises Corp has announced it has upgraded its internship programs with area colleges and universities with the creation of higher education partnerships.

These college partnerships will benefit students and the company. “We want promising undergraduates to know we’re a company willing and able to offer them great opportunities to kick-start their careers,” said Enrique, director of operations for Enterprises Corp. “We’ve had great success with our interns in the past, and we want to expand our program with a focused and aggressive campaign to attract the best candidates we can find.”

With an internship, students can find out whether a company fits their needs. They can form lasting bonds with other students and professionals who share their interests. Students can also strengthen resumes with internships and boost their confidence in a professional setting.

Enterprises Corp Internships Benefit Students

Enrique said the Enterprises Corp internship program is an opportunity for students to get a head start in their careers. “If you’re interested in pursuing any aspect of marketing as a career, an internship here is the best way to begin,” he said. “You’ll receive hands-on experience at all levels of our profession, and you’ll have everyday contact with our team members, who are happy to work with you.”

At some schools, students get credit for their internships. “If their academic records show they’ve worked as interns, they’ll have a much better chance of attracting top recruiters when they graduate,” Enrique said. “If they’ve worked successfully as interns at Enterprises Corp, they’ll definitely catch our eye if they apply for a fulltime job.”

Enrique said students applying to become an intern at Enterprises Corp could choose from a wide variety of programs. “From finance to human resources, project management, and communications, we have an internship program that will improve your skills,” said Enrique. “You’ll have a complete introduction to the services we offer, and you can transfer the skills you develop to a full-time job.”

Interns Benefit Enterprises Corp

Internship programs benefit students, but they also help Enterprises Corp. “Interns are quick learners,” Enrique says. “They can easily transfer their skills from the classroom to the office. They’re good team players, and since they’re comfortable with the latest trends in social media and technology, they often bring us up to date.”

Enrique said as a rule, interns are energetic and often offer new ideas. “College teaches students to ask why,” he said. “Sometimes, we need people to question our processes and products to make sure they’re up to date and as effective as they should be. They bring diversity and richness to our team.”

Anyone interested in working with the firm can apply via their website.

Source: Enterprises Corp