Peak Enterprises Corp Proudly Gives Back to U.S. Veterans

Recently, the entire Peak Enterprises Corp team collected items for AMVETS. The firm's Director of Operations discussed the importance of community support.

"AMVETS is an amazing organization, and one that the Peak Enterprises Corp team is proud to support,” declared the Director. “They are one of the country’s leading veteran’s service organizations with an incredible mission: to help safeguard the quality of life for veterans, their families, and the communities they live in. With over 250,000 members and offices located across the U.S., this organization helps guard the people who guard us.”

Peak Enterprises Corp’s associates collected items for a whole month before donating everything to AMVETS. They gave clothes, bedding, shoes, binders, suits, ties, books, appliances, and more. It was a rewarding alternative to giving back by simply cutting a check, the Director stated. By working together in this way, the group also strengthened their admiration for each other while also providing a useful community service.

“Everyone agreed as an organization that they wanted to show their appreciation to the men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe and free. Their efforts allow Americans to pursue careers in a country that has tremendous opportunity, and this is just a small token of our gratitude,” the Director shared.

The Importance to Peak Enterprises Corp of Giving Back

Philanthropy is a guiding value at Peak Enterprises Corp, which is why the firm looks for several opportunities to support the local neighborhood throughout the year. This is just one way that associates are able to prove they are leaders in the community, and that their commitment to making Norcross a better place to live and work isn’t just an empty promise.

There are several benefits to running a business that takes community service seriously. The investment of time, money, and resources pays huge dividends in the way of collaboration and associate engagement, making philanthropy almost as good for the contributing company as it is for the cause being supported.

“We definitely believe that businesses can be forces for good, not just profit,” said the Director. “By making social awareness a part of our operations, we encourage Peak Enterprises Corp’s crew to see the firm as more than a way to make a living. Working here is also a way to make a difference. As a business leader, I’m extremely proud of the community support we provide, and especially proud of our veteran giveback results. I’m humbled and inspired to work with such caring and motivated colleagues.”

About Peak Enterprises Corp

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Source: Peak Enterprises Corp