Peak Enterprises Corp is Dedicated to Philanthropy

Members of Team Peak Enterprises Corp recently made a huge impact in the Atlanta area through their philanthropic efforts. The firm's President discussed this, and the many benefits of giving back as a team.

The President of Peak Enterprises Corp was honored to announce that he recently received a special letter from The Atlanta Community Food Bank. He explained that the letter thanked the firm’s associates for their donations before and during the holiday season. Thanks in part to team members’ efforts, the food bank was able to fill thousands of Thanksgiving plates for the hungry and hurting in greater Atlanta and North Georgia. The President added that this gesture has inspired associates to ramp up their giveback efforts even more in 2020.

One of the preferred local charities of Team Peak Enterprises Corp, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, works with more than 600 nonprofit partners to deliver over 60 million meals to people in 29 counties across metro Atlanta and points northward every year. Food pantries, childcare centers, night shelters, and senior centers all help the food bank advance its mission.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank uses more than 1,700 volunteers per month, along with over 150 staff members. With a large fleet of trucks and a 129,000-square-foot facility, the organization is able to provide nutritious food to some 755,000 people in need. The President noted that Peak Enterprises Corp will continue donating to this amazing cause in 2020 and beyond.

Peak Enterprises Corp’s President on the Benefits of Team Philanthropy

The firm’s President explained that team members are proud to give back to nonprofits such as the Atlanta Community Food Bank, because they help improve life for everyone in the area. Those who live in metro Atlanta benefit from having a happier and healthier population. Team members enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes with being even a small part of solving major problems in the region.

Coming together to make a difference in the community is also an ideal way to build team morale, according to the President. The firm’s associates get to experience each other’s talents in different settings through their giveback events. This typically leads to greater insight into teammates’ unique skills and shared interests outside of their work roles. Combined with the positive feeling of making a real impact on the community, the good vibes team members build through the process of giving results in even better teamwork around the Peak Enterprises Corp office.

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