Peak Enterprises Corp Hosts AT&T Championship Tournament

Peak Enterprises Corp's team hosted a successful national championship tournament for sales associates on behalf of a telecom partner.

Peak Enterprises Corp team hosted a championship tournament with top sales associates from around the country. This event included prizes, team building, and great opportunities to network and socialize.

Peak Enterprises Corp’s team was selected to host the national championship tournament on behalf of a major telecom business they represent. According to the firm’s President, the tournament included over 30 top sales associates from around the country and the winner received the grand prize of $5,000, while 2nd place winner received $1,000 and the 3rd place winner received $250. After the tournament, a dinner was hosted by the telecom firm to reward all the hardworking sales associates who had earned the trip to the tournament.

The leadership at Peak Enterprises Corp worked hard to create a supportive and empowering team-building experience for each individual. “Our hope is that these associates go back to their home offices with the skills they learned and new ideas they heard, in order to provide insight and creativity,” said the President. “Our telecom partner wanted the tournament to be as much about professional development as it was about showing off the skills of the best in the nation.” The event was also a chance to reward those individuals who set and achieved aggressive goals. No doubt, these individuals will continue to contribute to the nationwide campaign in a significant and positive manner.

Peak Enterprises Corp President Details Networking Opportunities at Tournament

The tournament also included the dinner and other opportunities for the collection of associates to socialize and network. “Even though these people are from all over the country, it is still important to work on team building. Strengthening relationships and giving people a chance to work together leads to strong networks,” said the Peak Enterprises Corp President. “Hosting the event was a great opportunity for our associates. The planning was a lot of fun, and the whole team had a chance to interact while learning from the best in the nation.”

The entire Peak Enterprises Corp team is thrilled with the success of the tournament, and is looking forward to more chances to network while seeing their new friends at other industry conferences throughout the year. The Peak Enterprises Corp associates have also set a goal to try and go to next year’s championship tournament. “This year was such a great learning opportunity for everyone,” said the President. “Our team is full of innovative new ideas to apply to our work here in Georgia.”

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