Peak Enterprises Corp Giving Back With Boys and Girls Club

At Peak Enterprises Corp, philanthropy is considered a central component of the company's identity. The team most recently held an event to benefit the local Boys and Girls Club, according to Enrique, the firm's Director of Operations.

Every few months, the Peak Enterprises Corp associates get together and select a charity to support. Most of the time, they volunteer together in order to support the local community. Recently, they hosted a March Madness three-on-three basketball tournament to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. Enrique stated that it was a huge success.

“This was a great event that helped us to really benefit this amazing organization,” he said. “We secured Monster Energy Drinks as a sponsor. Some of their representatives brought free energy drinks for our attendees. We also had a grilling session afterwards with all the participants. It was a wonderful Sunday and we were able to support a cause that is truly changing people’s lives.”

The event had over 60 people in attendance, making for some quite intense competition between the teams. Many of the Peak Enterprises Corp associates indicated that it was one of their most enjoyable philanthropy events so far.

“The opportunity to give back is really important to us,” Enrique said. “It is even better when we are able to have a lot of fun doing so.”

Peak Enterprises Corp’s Director of Operations Revealed the Benefits of Philanthropy

According to Enrique, Peak Enterprises Corp also gets a lot out of giving back to the community. He described it as a win-win situation for the charities, team members, and the company.

“We would want to give back regardless because it is the right thing to do,” he said. “However, there are many business-related reasons why community service is important – not the least of which is that events such as this basketball tournament are extremely effective at bringing our associates together.”

He also asserted that the local community is the bedrock upon which Peak Enterprises Corp was built. As such, giving back is helping to strengthen his company’s foundation. It also builds a lot of goodwill for the brand in the surrounding area.

“I think people here know that we are in this together,” he said. “Our community is quite close knit and we have built some really strong connections here. Our associates have been able to network with many other leaders and businesspeople. When we come together to give back, we are starting and strengthening key relationships. I truly believe every professional team should invest into its community.”

Source: Peak Enterprises Corp