Enterprise Corp Builds Team in Anticipation of Big 2016

Enterprise Corp's Director of Operations discussed how the firm is building its team in preparation for expansive growth in 2016. He also suggested interview questions for identifying soft skills.

“As we head into 2016, we at Enterprise Corp understand that additional talent is needed to make good on our aggressive growth goals,” stated Enrique, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We will be looking for business-minded people who can bring unique talents to our organization. More than that, we will find individuals who are ready to commit to constant improvement and grow along with our company.”

The company’s leadership is offering many types of opportunities to driven professionals. Whatever position a candidate might be applying for, managers at Enterprise Corp are focused on finding strong collaborators. Enrique explained, “Our versatile promotional specialists are broadly talented, but what makes them truly special is their shared ability to fuse their skills in innovative ways. It is crucial that we find candidates who are willing to work selflessly and pursue team objectives.”

Enterprise Corp’s Director Offers Interview Questions That Identify Soft Skills

Enrique believes every business leader should look for two specific soft skills when hiring: self-awareness and instincts. He explained, “You want self-aware people because they understand the connection between their own actions and professional success. When it comes to a candidate’s instincts, you want to know that he or she will be optimistic and empathetic in all situations.” As for identifying these traits during interviews, Enrique suggests asking a couple of strategic questions.

“If you want to gauge a person’s self-awareness, ask about a time when he or she worked as part of a group,” the Director followed. “There are many red flags that might emerge in a response to this question. The candidate, for example, may share a story in which he or she succeeded while the rest of the team failed. You also don’t want to hear someone say the team was doomed until he or she came onboard. Ideally, the person you are interviewing will make reference to all the team members’ contributions while also highlighting his or her own efforts. Here at Enterprise Corp, we are fortunate to have a team full of people with enough self-awareness to know they can’t do it all on their own.”

When evaluating a candidate’s intuition and instincts, Enrique suggests inquiring about the last time he or she had to ask for help. He remarked, “You want to see that a person is able to recognize his or her mistakes. It shows the ability to learn and grow from adverse situations. It also lets you know that a candidate is mature enough to know everyone makes mistakes, and that resilience is a key of achieving sustained success.”

Source: Enterprise Corp